Schematic of 286 intersection wire diamond

The wire diamond is a model of the structure of diamond. A diamond is made up of carbon atoms. Each carbon atom has bonds to four neighbouring carbon atoms. Each straight length of wire represents such a bond, and the intersections where four of such bonds meet represents a carbon atom.

The eight outside faces of the wire diamond are the primary cleavage planes that diamond cutters use in shaping rough diamonds. They cut on other planes as well to form a gem, but since these are the primary planes, the silhouette of the wire diamond has always been the two-dimensional shape associated with the name 'diamond'.

The wire diamond is constructed by hanging wire zig-zags, one beneath the other. This way of creating the diamond structure is original and patentable. We have chosen not to patent it, but by publishing a booklet, and this webpage, we prevent others from patenting it, allowing anyone to make it without worrying about patent violation. (Or you could buy one from me).

84 intersection Wire Diamond

It is possible to consider the wire diamond as a work of art. Viewing it in different directions provides various attractive patterns. It lives up to the perfection and elegance we expect of a diamond.

Another possible use of the wire diamond is as a three-dimensional frame on which to play games, analogous to a two-dimensional game board. It was originally created in 1999 in response to a request by Walt McKibben (now deceased) to explore possible ways of playing the oriental game Go in three dimensions. It serves this function very well, with points on the interior having four neighbours, corner points having two, and edge/side points having three. This is the same on the two-dimensional board and the wire diamond.

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The smallest live group. It uses a corner of the octahedron and seven stones. Interestingly there are three disjoint strings of stones, each of which touches both eyes.

The pattern in another view. There are many nice symmetries of diamond structure that appear when viewed from a particular direction.

Something to hang it from. The wire diamond is essentially a mobile and holds together with gravity only, so it needs to be supported from above.

Would you believe, a ko. These are hard enough to see in real life 3D with stereoscopic vision...

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84 Intersection Diamond 25
165 Intersection Diamond 50
286 Intersection Diamond 85
84 to 165 Upgrade 25
165 to 286 Upgrade 35

Update: I have moved to the US and am only able to make sets when I go back home to England, which is approximately once a year, usually in the summer.

All of these include the wire zig-zags (with some spares), approx 1.5 times the number of intersections of paper stones (for self folding though they are prestressed by dot matrix printer without the ink in...). The sets (as opposed to upgrades) also include a hook to hang the diamond from and a wire 'applicator' for putting stones in hard to reach volumes in the middle of the diamond.

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